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Download for PC is a 2D multiplayer strategy game by Steve Howse and Lowtech Studios. It’s a reinvented snake game with huge multiplayer rounds. You have to consume bubbles and other players to become the biggest player on the field. You’re guaranteed to have real opponents anytime due to the incredible popularity of the title boosted by PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. You can download for Android and iOS or play in the browser.

Graphics – 5/5 latest version looks the same as the original, and it’s brilliant. The entire action takes place in a weird dark-grey 2D world with tech-texture on the background, glowy bubbles for feeding the snake, and similarly bright snakes. There’s also a small stat list on the right so that you could see whose snake is leading. 

Gameplay – 5/5 gameplay is so straightforward that it’s hard to understand why the title is so popular. If you compare it to the classic snake game, you will understand that game is much more competitive due to it’s MMO slant. It’s based on the concept, so players are supposed to control their snakes carefully to avoid bumping into other snakes and to grow as big as possible. The longer your snake becomes, the harder it is to stay away from accidents. At the same time, you achieve an opportunity to encircle smaller enemies faster that they manage to run away. You can destroy all of them using this tactic in free game and win. Every destroyed snake breaks into bright glowy balls that allow you to grow a bit faster. Be careful with red barriers, though! There’s no sense in attacking players near them because they give players an option to kill their snake without giving you the bubbles. 

Controls – 5/5

No matter what platform you choose to play online, it’s highly convenient. The touchscreen layout requires you to swipe to the side where you want the snake to crawl. If you make many turns, it will become curved and perhaps more vulnerable.

Replay Value – 5/5 download full game is infinite. You can play as many rounds during the day as you want, but be careful as this game is unbelievably addictive. Check it out in free unblocked game review by PewDiePie. This guy couldn’t help but scream while playing it. Every time when you lose, you will wish to retry again and again to prove that you’re the best strategy-maker on the field! By the way, if you win the daily race and become the biggest snake in 24 hours, you can leave your winner message and share it with the entire player base. 


To say that play is great is to say nothing. On the one hand, it’s the same old snake. On the other, it’s the symbol of modern multiplayer trends that are able to give a second life to classic gameplay concepts. is one of the worthies online time killers for mobile devices and browsers. 


  • Large-scale MMO project;
  • Unlimited tries during the day;
  • You can name your snake;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Hardcore survival challenge.


  • You may lose track of time while playing;
  • Incompatible with controllers. 

The bottom line

Download and enjoy a limitless survival strategy game based on the classic snake idea. for Windows PC for Free

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